Homeowners always want to keep their properties looking great, and this is especially true of the fences that surround their outdoor living spaces. Just like interior design styles evolve over time, so do exterior fence designs, and there are plenty of options for homeowners to choose from.

This year, we are seeing a resurgence of some classic privacy fence ideas, as well as several new styles that have gained popularity this year. Whether you are a homeowner seeking to upgrade your property’s curb appeal with a modern-looking fence, or you prefer to keep things traditional with a timeless picket style fence, these five fencing trends will help you achieve the look that you desire.

The first of the privacy fence trends we are seeing this year is a return to traditional wood panels. This is a classic, sturdy, and affordable option for homeowners who are looking to protect their yards from prying eyes. We are also seeing a resurgence of board-on-board fences, which are constructed in a way that eliminates the gap that would be present in a typical vertical wood fence.

Another trend that is growing in popularity is the use of metal and steel to provide a secure barrier while retaining a natural aesthetic. This type of fence can be used for residential or commercial property, and it provides a high level of security without blocking out natural light from the surrounding area. In addition, it is a very versatile fencing material that can be customized to meet any aesthetic need.

Many homeowners are choosing to incorporate natural elements into their privacy fence designs, and this is one trend that we expect to see continue to grow in 2023. For example, homeowners who live in urban areas may prefer to use a tree privacy fence, which helps to filter noise and provide natural beauty to the yard. Another natural option is to install a lattice fence, which provides a perfect frame for plants and vines to grow.

If you prefer a more minimalist look, you can also add texture into your fencing design through the use of different materials. Raw wood, warm stains, and even the contrast between light and dark timbers can make your yard feel comfortable and welcoming. Using multiple textures can help to keep your home from feeling visually cluttered, which is an important aspect of minimalist design.

Another trend that is gaining in popularity is the use of black woven wire fences. This is a new product that has recently been introduced to the market, and we are seeing customers choose this style of fence to complement both modern and contemporary homes. This fencing style is not as reflective as silver wire, and it creates a more subtle appearance.

When you’re ready to start planning your new privacy fence, contact a reliable fence contractor in your area for assistance. We can help you select the right fence for your space and install it quickly and efficiently.